Holiday Collection 22’

It Girl

Published ⎯⎯ November 5


Our Holiday Collection 22 of vintage pieces will launch this month, inspired by one of the most eye-catching beautiful items from Chanel: Oversized gold-plated clip-on earrings with cream enamel featured in the above photo. This is one of the collection’s 40 new buttons and charm necklaces that will launch on Nov. 9. It’s easy to imagine that the wearer of this beauty surely will be noticed at this year’s holiday parties wearing an IT statement piece.  


The colors and classic designs create a modern-day “It Girl” vision that embodies traditional holiday patterns while adding a twist of current trends. They are designed to feel timeless and elegant without being showy.


Our Coco Cambon Silver Vintage Button Necklace is a perfect gift for Paris Lovers.  The Coco, Chanel & Rue Cambon black detail on this button is stunning. With silver and black colors, you can easily wear this piece to a holiday party or casually with a white T- shirt and denim jeans. 


A new charm I’m in love with is the Round White Chanel Pendant with rhinestones. She’s elegant with a fun attitude! Her sparkles offset the Silver tone trim.  For a flirty holiday look; wear the Round White Chanel Pendant with a fitted white top and holiday plaid leggings.  


Even as this collection becomes available I am continuing to seek out the most beautiful vintage buttons and charms, from timeless vintage designs to more modern classic styles, for our next range of upcycled pieces dropping February.  


Happy Holidays,