I have always loved the classic styles of Dior, Gucci, and my favorite, Coco Chanel. The grace, the beauty, the class of their designs always makes me feel elegant and that life is a great adventure.

Great clothes create wonderful memories. When a favorite piece was past its prime, I would hold keep the buttons to hold onto those memories. Eventually, I began making necklaces using the buttons -- Chanel’s my favorites – so I would be reminded of the clothing that I enjoyed so much.

I was shocked when strangers began coming up to me, asking me where they could buy such necklaces. “They are my personal collection,” I would always say. 

Then my friend Nikki, owner of Nikki Tans, explained that many women love this type of “retro” style of making something old into something new. She said repurposed or upcycled, jewelry is very popular. She suggested I consider selling my creations. I demurred for a long time. After all, I had a personal connection to each and every item I created and I hated to let any go.

But Nikki was persistent, saying the necklaces would help her clients look their finest. Finally, a few years ago I agreed to let her display some necklaces at one of her pop-up shows. I assumed that when none sold she would forget all about my creations.

Instead, the pieces I gave her sold out almost immediately! Nikki said her clients loved them. She was so enthusiastic I agreed to give her a few pieces for every one of her pop-up events. Each time I was amazed when she had none left by the end of the day.

Now, for the first time, Nikki has persuaded me that enough of her clients want my necklaces that I should offer them online. I am thrilled to be able to share my creations, to bring a hint of the elegant past into today’s world. I have loved and cherished my Chanel buttons, and I know you will too.